Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Ok, so what with the weather being so much better last week I didn't really get round to catching up on my blog posts ~naughty michel~ but I will do soon I promise :)

As you can see from the post title, my email account was hacked yesterday so I've been spending my time trying to sort all that out. They seem to have done it for the simple purpose of accessing my World of Warcraft account, but I am happy to say that Blizzard were very fast and helpful restoring my account to me within 24 hours of my contact with them (I was expecting it to take weeks truth be told) of course I have also had to change all my passwords for my accounts and am in the throes of switching things over to my new gmail account.

This blog has been done now, though in order for me to switch over the Pagan Artist Network blog I will need the admin to invite me as an author with this account... so if you're reading this I would appreciate you re-inviting me with this profile and deleting my other profile from the authors list, just in case... Also, I'm not currently following anyone's blogs with this account, I will get round to adding you all again one by one once everything's sorted out, then I'll be doing the rounds for a catch up.

Phew! I can't tell you how angry I was yesterday that this had happened and annoyed that it was just one big headache for me to sort out... at least it was made relatively painless by the fast response from Blizzards support staff. So that has been the current highlight of my week! *sigh* now I'm really looking forward to the weekend....

Monday, 17 May 2010

Howletts Trip.

Here are the pictures from our day out at Howletts zoo yesterday... I've picked out a couple of my favourites to share and all the rest are in a slide show a little further down. We were really blessed before we left to get some great views of the tigers (my favourites), they were right up front near the glass viewing bit interacting with us, jumping up on the glass etc. As you can see, one took a particular liking to Beth and her toy lion:

Ok, so this next one isn't what you would typically expect to see at a zoo... according to Beth it's not a rooster, it's a boy chicken... needless to say that serious bit of information from her had us cracking up:

What was really amazing was how some of the animals really posed for the camera while others turned away the second they saw it. It was fascinating to watch. One particular grey monkey was sitting nicely holding eye contact with me for ages but the second I pulled out my camera he turned his back on me only to face me again when I put it away. It really made me think about this whole current debate on the animal privacy issue that has been in the news over the last little while. I didn't take a picture of the little guy in question as it was obvious he didn't want me too but these cheeky chappies were only too happy to oblige instead:

Similarly these gorilla acted in the same way to protect the tiny baby being nursed by the one on the right in the picture. They shielded the gorgeous little baby from camera view the whole time but were quite happy for us to watch without cameras:

Finally here's a couple of my own cheeky monkeys :) the rest of the photos are in the slideshow, there are just too many for me to add them all separately, lol:

Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Long Old Week...

Last week was a mixed bag for us. I haven't been online all that much because my old computer has been playing me around left right and centre. I finally had to bite the bullet and order a new one which my lovely man built for me on Thursday night and yay! it works brilliantly, so this week will be all about me catching up on my posts... I have a whole list of them to do, lol.

Beth was sick again last week really from Tuesday through to Friday, we had several painful nights where she woke in the night and vomited so I had to clean her up and move her into my room so as not to disturb the little man... Then of course it was clean the bed, sheets, duvet and mattress the next day. Not a lot of fun I can tell you. She is feeling much better now so I'm hoping that it was just a little tummy bug *touches wood* neither me or Ethan seem to have picked it up.

I've still been having headaches, I think that this week they have been hormone related and on the days where my hormones haven't been playing 'make michel loopy' my wisdom tooth has been pushing through which has triggered them off anyways. Coupled with the disturbed nights sleep and I have been like a bear with a sore head!

My worst day was Saturday when I felt like I could have exploded at any minute with Beth who was being incredibly challenging and really quite spiteful towards me... a little trick she seems to have picked up from school :( some supportive words from my man and a good long soak in a hot bath (well I kinda fell asleep in there and woke up three hours later, lol) and I was feeling at least a little better in the run up to today.

Urging myself forward with the housework this morning (the kids pretty much trashed the place on Saturday by the time I had really just had it) my man texts to see if we wanted a day out at the zoo. So, a bit of a last minute jobby, we packed the kids in his car with a rushed picnic lunch, buggy, changing bag and Rebecah, Beth's toy lion and off we went. We had a really great day, despite the overcast and slightly drizzly weather and I have loads of pictures to share, probably tomorrow, as I think I'm about ready to drop right now.

Hope you have all had good a weekend... I look forward to catching up with everyone this week now that I'm around and about properly again x

Edit: Ooooh and I forgot to say that I had some really good news too! I passed level 2 of my healing course so I'm now moving onto the Master Level following my attunement on Monday evening, which I'm really looking forward to. It feels like I've been plowing through level 2 for the longest time what with my dodgy second pregnancy and then all the stress and issues from last year, but I got there in the end :)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Here at Last!

For the sabbats I like to do something for myself whether it be buy or make myself a gift or do something as a treat. For Beltane I decided to buy myself a new leather BOS, specifically the one I've had my eye on for months but haven't been able to afford... well not with a clear conscience anyways. Finally a few weeks ago I realise this was a possibility now and I ordered it and YAY! It came this morning.

I bought it from my favourite journal makers who hand make the most beautiful books and sell them on eBay. They are Earthworks Journals and I would recommend them to anyone whose wants to buy a really beautiful new journal. They make permanently bound and binder style books full of fantastic quality recycled paper (that can take proper ink without bleeding) and they have loads of different designs and sizes to choose from and will even try to design something specific for you. Anywho... enough of the writing, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

As you can see, I chose a binder style book with a large celtic knotwork design on the front. I've had a permanently bound book from them before a few years ago and while lovely I have learnt that I have a need to be able to remove pages and move them around depending on my mood or if I change my mind about how I want all my stuff organised, lol. This one is A5 in size, which is just right for me... they make larger and smaller ones too. I was really torn between this one and their tree of life design but this one won out in the end and I'm just sooo pleased with it :) well worth the money and the wait! Now to crack on, get creative and fill it!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Getting Creative

Here's the latest of my 'Balance' painting, as you can see I started building up the first paint layers on the faces and Arianrhod's cloak. The 'leafy' hair of Pan will come further forward then the white areas and over the chin in a beard as well as overlapping in single bits over her cloak. I'm pretty pleased with it so far.

This is my fairy door, made out of  recycled cardboard and odds and sods from my craft box. Painted in acryllics it has a wooden bead door knob, some of the wired craft ivy I had lying around and three little felt and bead flowers. The sign on the door says WELCOME in gold faery runes, though you can't see it all that well in this picture. I'm really pleased with it and I'm hoping to make more to sell in the near future :)

Finally I thought I'd share the lavender sleep pillow I made too. It has a little loop for hanging and is that pretty mottled blue velvet I bought from Glastonbury. It's filled with fluffy stuff and lavender (though I probably could have done with adding a little more padding to it) and has a big old painted button on the front.

So it's been a productive week thus far.. my sinuses are still playing up, but at least I've been able to get stuff done as well as my headache hasn't been too bad :)

Bara Brith

  • 12oz sultanas
  • 8oz dark brown soft sugar
  • 1/2 pint hot tea
  • 10oz self raising flour
  • 1 beaten egg
Mix together the sultanas, sugar and hot tea and leave to soak for at least 8 hours (I tend to leave it overnight). Stir in the other ingredients, transfer to a loaf tin and bake on gas mark 4 for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. 

Enjoy! Tastes especially good, in my opinion, with a helping of proper salted butter on top! Yummy!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Jack in the Green

We had a great day yesterday despite the other half having the manflu and my still torn status as to whether or not to take the kids with us. We dropped the kids off with their dad when we changed trains at Ashford and thank god we did. As much as I know Beth would have loved it it would have been sheer hell with the buggy there as it was just so busy. When we found where the parade was heading we managed to find a spot away from the main crowd down a small alley that it would pass through (if we had stayed in the crowd we just wouldn't have seen anything, there were just too many people). Where we were, though down this little alley did mean that the parade came right in front of us, so I managed to get some decent photos as it passed... well when my camera wasn't playing me around, lol.

As you can see, it was a little grey out and we did get caught in a brief shower but luckily it was very brief and, though a bit chilly at times through the day, it was the best day weather-wise of the weekend. We even managed to sit out on the beach in the sun for a bit... a bit too chilly for ice cream though.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day and I really hope we get to go back next year :)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Blessed Beltane!

Whooo,  this is one of my favourite festivals because it's so energetic, sexy and the real start of the Faery Magick Season :) I'm still suffering with my sinus' and therefore my headaches and ear problems but that hasn't stopped me from cracking on with a good cleanup of the house and a few Beltane activities. Of course I'm still having to be careful as not to incapacitate myself and by the later part of the evening I've been having a lot of pressure in my head and eyes with a few visual problems but this tends to happen when I'm tired and/or have been a little guilty of overdoing it. I've also been having quite a bit of trouble with my third eye... I just can't shut it down properly which is only exacerbating my now annoying head problems *sigh*

But onto more fun things.... A lot of this I'll post about in more detail when I have pictures to share but I thought I'd just mention them now, otherwise they'll be there cluttering up my mind for days! I've been making a faery door for my altar out of recycled card and bits from my craft box, a rose petal filled funky flower for my nature bowl, a lavender sleep pillow for my man as a little Beltane gift since I know he has quite a bit of trouble sleeping at the moment and I've got a couple of paintings on the go. The first is an abstract piece that I will share when I've finished it. It is called 'Incognito' and sort of named itself before I even started painting it.

This is the second one I'm working on, which I blogged about on the P.A.N blog the other day. It's called 'Balance' and is my view of my patrons Pan and Arianrhod. I wrote a bit more about it over on the other blog so if you're interested please do check it out... I will of course be adding updates and/or a picture of the finished piece when it is complete.

Today I have been cleaning some more (it took me an hour and a half yesterday to do the kids bedroom... not something I want to repeat again any time soon) and baking which has been wonderfully grounding for my third eye troubles. I promised Beth I would make chocolate cupcakes with her to take to her dad's house tomorrow when she goes to see him, and I wanted to make some Bara Brith, which is this scrumptious Welsh tea bread. When I've got a picture of the finished article I'll post the recipe. It's one of my favourite things to make as it's so yummy and super easy. It's one of those things that always speaks to me of the bounty of mother earth and the spring/summer festivals.

I hope you have all had/are having a fantastic bank holiday weekend and very blessed Beltane. I'm crossing my fingers for some improved weather for our Hastings trip tomorrow.... I love the rain, but lets face it, I want to see the Jack in the Green parade and that would be better with some sunshine... but we'll see what tomorrow brings I guess.