Thursday, 6 May 2010

Getting Creative

Here's the latest of my 'Balance' painting, as you can see I started building up the first paint layers on the faces and Arianrhod's cloak. The 'leafy' hair of Pan will come further forward then the white areas and over the chin in a beard as well as overlapping in single bits over her cloak. I'm pretty pleased with it so far.

This is my fairy door, made out of  recycled cardboard and odds and sods from my craft box. Painted in acryllics it has a wooden bead door knob, some of the wired craft ivy I had lying around and three little felt and bead flowers. The sign on the door says WELCOME in gold faery runes, though you can't see it all that well in this picture. I'm really pleased with it and I'm hoping to make more to sell in the near future :)

Finally I thought I'd share the lavender sleep pillow I made too. It has a little loop for hanging and is that pretty mottled blue velvet I bought from Glastonbury. It's filled with fluffy stuff and lavender (though I probably could have done with adding a little more padding to it) and has a big old painted button on the front.

So it's been a productive week thus far.. my sinuses are still playing up, but at least I've been able to get stuff done as well as my headache hasn't been too bad :)


  1. Lovely makes :-)

    Mmm, maybe I'll start showing my own work in progress, might give me the kick up the bum to get on - especially as I have a round canvass I'm itching to use but I don't want to have too may projects on the go.

    Can't wait to see how your balance painting turns out.

  2. I love your blog! Your art is beautiful and inspires me. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I adore your fairy door!

  4. @Joxy - ooooh, yes definitely do :) I love seeing works in progress and one of the reasons I've started doing it is to push myself to finish them, lol... they can get left by the wayside sometimes if I don't have a bit of a push :s

    @awitchtrying - welcome and thankyou so much, it's so lovely to know that other people like my work and find it inspirational... that's the whole point in sharing it :)

    @Nellie - ta hun :) I'm really pleased with how it's turned out... hrm maybe I should have taken a picture of it with another object to show it's scale... *shrugs* nevermind, lol

  5. You're a talent, Michel! You are so creative! Have a nice weekend :)