Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Ok, so what with the weather being so much better last week I didn't really get round to catching up on my blog posts ~naughty michel~ but I will do soon I promise :)

As you can see from the post title, my email account was hacked yesterday so I've been spending my time trying to sort all that out. They seem to have done it for the simple purpose of accessing my World of Warcraft account, but I am happy to say that Blizzard were very fast and helpful restoring my account to me within 24 hours of my contact with them (I was expecting it to take weeks truth be told) of course I have also had to change all my passwords for my accounts and am in the throes of switching things over to my new gmail account.

This blog has been done now, though in order for me to switch over the Pagan Artist Network blog I will need the admin to invite me as an author with this account... so if you're reading this I would appreciate you re-inviting me with this profile and deleting my other profile from the authors list, just in case... Also, I'm not currently following anyone's blogs with this account, I will get round to adding you all again one by one once everything's sorted out, then I'll be doing the rounds for a catch up.

Phew! I can't tell you how angry I was yesterday that this had happened and annoyed that it was just one big headache for me to sort out... at least it was made relatively painless by the fast response from Blizzards support staff. So that has been the current highlight of my week! *sigh* now I'm really looking forward to the weekend....


  1. Being hacked sucks. I also play WoW. What server are you on?

  2. It sure does :( I play on the EU server, mainly on Hellscream (PvE), though I have a couple on Twisting Nether (PvP) too :) how about you?

  3. Sorry to hear about the hacking. Yuck! Hope it's all sorted out for you now.

  4. Thanks Rue... finally sorted it all out... I think, lol.