Monday, 17 May 2010

Howletts Trip.

Here are the pictures from our day out at Howletts zoo yesterday... I've picked out a couple of my favourites to share and all the rest are in a slide show a little further down. We were really blessed before we left to get some great views of the tigers (my favourites), they were right up front near the glass viewing bit interacting with us, jumping up on the glass etc. As you can see, one took a particular liking to Beth and her toy lion:

Ok, so this next one isn't what you would typically expect to see at a zoo... according to Beth it's not a rooster, it's a boy chicken... needless to say that serious bit of information from her had us cracking up:

What was really amazing was how some of the animals really posed for the camera while others turned away the second they saw it. It was fascinating to watch. One particular grey monkey was sitting nicely holding eye contact with me for ages but the second I pulled out my camera he turned his back on me only to face me again when I put it away. It really made me think about this whole current debate on the animal privacy issue that has been in the news over the last little while. I didn't take a picture of the little guy in question as it was obvious he didn't want me too but these cheeky chappies were only too happy to oblige instead:

Similarly these gorilla acted in the same way to protect the tiny baby being nursed by the one on the right in the picture. They shielded the gorgeous little baby from camera view the whole time but were quite happy for us to watch without cameras:

Finally here's a couple of my own cheeky monkeys :) the rest of the photos are in the slideshow, there are just too many for me to add them all separately, lol:


  1. Awe bless her - maybe Beth has got a little bit of Tiger Medecine in her!

    Nellie x

  2. Wow, what fantastic pictures. Every time I've gone to the zoo, the tigers always seem to be snoozing as far away from me as they can get. I never manage to see them close up.. you guys were so lucky!

  3. Those pictures are awesome! I enjoyed them so much! Thank you for posting and your own cheeky monkeys are so adorable!!!!

  4. Thanks guys :)

    We were very lucky, when we arrived the tigers were all hidden away asleep so we walked round the rest of the place and came back at the end... I think it was close to feeding time as they were very restless and right up front which meant, as you can see, we got a really good view of them. I've never been so close to them, it was pretty amazing and they are just such beautiful animals :)

  5. It really is an amazing shot. I like what Nellie said: "Beth has got a little bit of Tiger Medecine in her!" (I've never seen a tiger just come up to play w/a visitor like that).