Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Long Old Week...

Last week was a mixed bag for us. I haven't been online all that much because my old computer has been playing me around left right and centre. I finally had to bite the bullet and order a new one which my lovely man built for me on Thursday night and yay! it works brilliantly, so this week will be all about me catching up on my posts... I have a whole list of them to do, lol.

Beth was sick again last week really from Tuesday through to Friday, we had several painful nights where she woke in the night and vomited so I had to clean her up and move her into my room so as not to disturb the little man... Then of course it was clean the bed, sheets, duvet and mattress the next day. Not a lot of fun I can tell you. She is feeling much better now so I'm hoping that it was just a little tummy bug *touches wood* neither me or Ethan seem to have picked it up.

I've still been having headaches, I think that this week they have been hormone related and on the days where my hormones haven't been playing 'make michel loopy' my wisdom tooth has been pushing through which has triggered them off anyways. Coupled with the disturbed nights sleep and I have been like a bear with a sore head!

My worst day was Saturday when I felt like I could have exploded at any minute with Beth who was being incredibly challenging and really quite spiteful towards me... a little trick she seems to have picked up from school :( some supportive words from my man and a good long soak in a hot bath (well I kinda fell asleep in there and woke up three hours later, lol) and I was feeling at least a little better in the run up to today.

Urging myself forward with the housework this morning (the kids pretty much trashed the place on Saturday by the time I had really just had it) my man texts to see if we wanted a day out at the zoo. So, a bit of a last minute jobby, we packed the kids in his car with a rushed picnic lunch, buggy, changing bag and Rebecah, Beth's toy lion and off we went. We had a really great day, despite the overcast and slightly drizzly weather and I have loads of pictures to share, probably tomorrow, as I think I'm about ready to drop right now.

Hope you have all had good a weekend... I look forward to catching up with everyone this week now that I'm around and about properly again x

Edit: Ooooh and I forgot to say that I had some really good news too! I passed level 2 of my healing course so I'm now moving onto the Master Level following my attunement on Monday evening, which I'm really looking forward to. It feels like I've been plowing through level 2 for the longest time what with my dodgy second pregnancy and then all the stress and issues from last year, but I got there in the end :)


  1. Aww poor Beth hope its passed now. Yay to your man for the computer building and for the trip to the zoo - superstar.
    I'm glad your back missed you xxxxx

  2. I hope your headaches let up soon! I can't wait to see photos from the zoo. :)

  3. I recently just came across your blog and I really enjoy it! I just wanted to say first...Congrats on passing level 2! That is very exciting! Secondly...I feel your pain with headaches! I have been dealing with many headaches lately, so I always have a ton of sympathy for those that suffer from them. Sending you lots of light and healing!

  4. Congratulations on passing your level 2! Life does get in the way of our plans sometimes, but it's great that you stuck with it!

    Hope your head/hormones/wisdom teeth are pain and stress free! Do you have to get the teeth removed?

    Glad Beth is better too!

  5. Awww, thanks guys, your thoughts are appreciated!

    @The Insomniac - *sigh* I know that feeling. I have on/off had a constant headache for nearly 2 months now... one thing or another always sets me off and it's such a pain when I'm trying to make plans for things. The only good thing is that they've not developed into full blown migraines, which is a plus :)

    @Rue - I really hope I don't have to have any removed... I'm not so good with dentistry :( The one that's causing me problems at the mo is one of the ones that's coming through ok according to the x-rays so fingers crossed it'll settle down soon.

  6. Sounds like life has been difficult lately - here's hoping that things pick up soon. Really hope you get those headaches sorted out, I really feel for you.

    And well done on passing your level 2 :) you say attunements... are we talking reiki?

    Sending lotsa good vibes your way,
    Nellie x

  7. Thanks Nellie,

    I'm doing a course in Chios Energy Healing, which is kind of similar to Reiki I suppose. I felt really drawn to this newer healing system when I started a couple of years ago :)