Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Blogging Break

It seems I have taken an unintentional blogging break over this last month... I didn't realise how long it had been since my last post. It has been pretty hectic here, with the school doing so many activities etc for the kids now it's the final term of the year as well as all the other stuff I have had going on. All of it, I hasten to add, has been enjoyable, though has sapped my time away and left me forgetting to blog and even read those that I am following.

I think it is probably high time I got to work and revamped my beloved blog as well... it is perhaps looking a little worse for wares and rough around the edges... *sigh* yet another thing to add to my extremely long list of things to do! Watch this space!

I will rectify all of this asap my friends. I hope you have all been well since I have been away. BB.


  1. I've been a bit sporadic in posting myself.

    Glad to read that your busy has been a good busy.

    (I'm liking the new layout so far as well, the colours are very warm and remind me of refreshers!)

  2. ooooh, it does a bit doesn't it :)

    I thought it was about time for a change... I'd had the old layout since I started my blog in Feb 2009 :s it'll take a while for me to sort it all out properly but so far so good.

  3. Ohhhh yes, very refreshery like :-)

    And I should have said sooner... and because I'm pants, I haven't, but I'm having a 1/2 b'day party for Rye down at the Coastal Park tomorrow, from 11am onwards. If you can and the little one can make it - more than welcome. Bring a picnic :-)