Thursday, 10 June 2010

Garden Pictures

My garden has finally been springing to life once again... quite a bit later than usual what with the constant periods of cold we had right through spring, but better late than never. I was inspired to share some pictures with you guys after the opening of the first summer rose in my garden:

I have several rose bushes out the front, all of different colours, but these yellow ones are always the most spectacular because of their size and the pinky tinge around the edges of the petals. Unfortunately the blooms don't last all that long *sigh* but I always manage to find plenty of uses for the petals ;)

You may remember a little while ago I mentioned that I bought some herb plants from the garden centre. Well here they are, growing strong. The sage I have already harvested twice, making so far 5 smudge sticks once it had recovered... it needed quite a fair bit of tlc when I bought it, but as you can see it is thriving. The rosemary is doing well, but then it always does for me, it's one of those plants I never have a problem with, and the silvery one on the right is my curry plant, which is just beginning to flower :)

These are the nasturtium seeds we planted ages ago... well two of the pots. These are the ones I planted, unfortunately the ones Beth planted haven't been doing so well, though they've all been treated the same way. Again, the weather has really slowed down their development, but they are finally getting stronger so hopefully we will have some flowers soon.

Last but not least I thought I would include a picture of the pretty crawling purple flowers I get growing around the base of the house every year before I have to rip them out as per my landlords instruction so that they don't damage the already weakened walls, *sigh* it really is a shame but I can see why it needs to be done.


  1. gorgeous rose!

  2. I love the crawling flowers, too bad you have to rip them off ;-(

    I can't wait to plant some things (anything!) after my move, for now I have a deck!!!!

    Maybe I'll get some cool pics too ;-)

  3. Yay! I love pictures of plants! It's been cold here too, and everything is still a bit sluggish... My Rio Samba rose is blooming though! I took some pics & will have them posted later tonight. Your plants all look so happy! ^-^ They must really like the love you give them. ^-^

  4. Lovely! Your herbs look very happy. And I also like the purple flowers - so pretty - at least you've got a picture of them!

  5. i love all of your herbs and flowers, i love the purple ones, such a pretty colour. Shame on your landlord for making you rip them up !!!!