Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New Blog Button

As a part of my revamp I have thrown together a quick new blog button... the old one just didn't fit with the change in theme. Please feel free to grab it and use it *points to the right* will appear as it does on the right not as above with the white border around it... I'm not sure how to get rid of that with this template which seems to like to shove a white border around all of the pictures I add to my posts, but you can be sure that if there's a way I will find it... eventually :)

As you can see I have removed all the blog buttons I had displayed... I will be adding them all again in a more organized fashion soon, along with my awards, links etc. Hopefully I'll get some done today, if not in the next few. As I do the rounds through my reading list I will be picking up buttons and adding them together in one big post so I can display all the ones for my favourite blogs in one place (it was just getting so cluttered on my side bar) I also noticed that a couple were dead or linking to old pages etc where people had moved so I thought the easiest way to sort them all out would be to go from scratch.


  1. I'm loving the new layout with all of it's swirly bits. :) It's good to see you back. I'll be snagging your new button to replace the old one.

  2. I've added your button.

  3. Thank you both :)

    I wasn't sure at first about the new layout... I'd gotten quite attached to the old one, but I must say it is growing on me more now!