Saturday, 5 June 2010

Only Me...

Well hello again folks, seems like an age since my last post... I mean it has been a while as I've been ridiculously busy, but still. There's really not much to talk about from my end. It's been the half term so mum had the kids for a few days and I spent them with the boyfriend, literally doing absolutely nothing and catching up on sleep. I would just like to take this opportunity to say that lazy days rule!

Over the last week or so I have noticed I've been becoming more receptive again, after such a long time of being partially shut down, so my creativity and inspiration has been soaring, particularly with my writing at the moment leading me to begin RPing properly again and dig out all the stories I began writing last year and put to one side.

My main project for the week has been a deity jar in which to place all my worries, spells and the things that are generally on my mind at the moment. I find this a very good way of releasing my concerns to the gods until they are realised.


On the inside of the decorative covering is a spell verse I wrote for the jar and I gave it it's first go the other day... and might I say it works a treat. One of the things I put in there (there were two in total) had been getting to me really badly over the last little while, bringing on quite a dark mood at times. I decided to dedicate it specifically to my patron Goddess as it really is a difficult and important issue to me. So I lit up my alter and did a little working. Imagine my surprise when this happened to my Goddess candle immediately afterwards:

As you can see my white Goddess candle began weeping pink wax! You can see why in the close up below, though it is a tad out of focus... It seems the wick only had been dipped in red wax, though you couldn't see that that was the case from the whole candle, it had only happened from half way down.

Needless to say I found this quite strange and an odd kind of coincidence... I may add here that I don't believe in coincidences so strange kind of sign it is. Looking into the candle I knew, just knew that my friend in New Zealand was in labour. A few hours later and there's a post on fb to say she's had a beautiful baby girl so big congratulations to her and her husband!

Finally, yesterday I began my 'spring' clean as I began thoroughly sorting out the whole house, cupboard by cupboard and ruthlessly throwing things away. I normally do this in the spring but the odd feelings earlier this year and general cold weather just didn't motivate. Now that I can fling all the windows open and enjoy all the natural light flowing into the house I began, one room at a time, sage smudge stick in hand, cleansing and warding as I go. It always helps to clear my mind when I get my physical things organised, plus the house really did need (and still does in some places) a thoroughly good spiritual clear out.

Whenever I do this I always begin with my downstairs altar as it's the hub of my daily practice and sort of connects energetically with the whole house (just ignore the big red van in the background, the neighbours were having some work done yesterday and the drive to our houses runs right alongside the front of my house).

Anywho... sorry I've been away for such a while. I have quite a bit of work to share with you as it's completed in the near future, as well as some progress reports on my painting and cross stitch projects. 

Blessings to you all x


  1. Nice to see you back in blogland xx

  2. I've been reading books on Voudou (just out of curiosity ... educating myself on all sorts of Earth Based religions). Your deity jar is not too different from their Spirit Jars (mostly they paint theirs with beautiful symbols and add beads).

    Your jar is very beautiful!

  3. Thanks Nellie :)

    That's really interesting to hear SunTiger... I've been meaning to look into Voudou for quite a while, it's a practice I know little about and yet often find many of my impulsive creations mirror different ideas and items used within it. You have inspired me to do some researching :)