Friday, 2 July 2010

Blog Awards Archive

As a part of my blog revamp/organisation I'm going to put all of my blog awards past, present and future in this post and link to it above as I've been finding my page has been getting a little confusing and cluttered... I like things to look at least partially organized, lol. I will, of course, continue to dedicate a post to each as it is received and say thank you etc but will display them all here in no particular order:

from Marci at Our Frugal Pagan Home

from Rue at Rue and Hyssop

from Mags at Pagan Culture
from Aelwyn at Hedgewitch Hollow

from His Precious at Pagan In The Rough
from Mags at Pagan Culture

from SunTiger

from Melissa aka Equidae at The Lotus Pages

from A Witch Trying at What I'm Thinking Today

from Serenity Athenina at The Domestic Witch

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