Friday, 9 July 2010

Comings and Goings

For the last couple of months I've found myself ridiculously inspired and creative, which has been a good thing except it has left me with little time to blog. I've had the itch to finally work on some pages of my BOS which I'll be photographing soon to share. I've been loosing most of my inspiration at the moment through writing and RP so my paintings have been a little on hold but it has been a welcome change and has certainly kept the grey matter from getting bored.

That said I made another card, this time for my cousins birthday... beer themed of course ;) but I tried to go for something a little different with some cheap embellishments I managed to pick up:

I have also been busy building my website... there's not all that much to show right now, though I do have a sneaky peek screenshot to share:

So far so good, it's just taking a while to get the basics down but when I'm motivated to do it I do manage to get a fair bit done.

Hrm, so what else has been going on here? I've finally been able to harvest this years lavender. Ethan had his paediatricians appointment, which I had been dreading. It was an hour of sheer hell as he wouldn't stop screaming and writhing while the doctor kept telling me to keep him quiet so he could do his 'tests'. I went away both angry and upset from the whole experience, particularly when he told me that his weight had been plotted wrong on the graph in the first place and as far as he was concerned there was nothing wrong with him. Well I could have told him that in the first place *sigh* but at least it is over for now.

Oooooh, and as a side point I moved Ethan into a big boy bed... the bottom bunk in Beth's room and so far so good. He's settled in nicely *touches wood* and has been in there for a couple of weeks now so I can finally get rid of the old cot. He also surprised me the other day where bold as brass he stood up in the front room! No walking as yet but he can pull himself up and stand when he can be bothered. He won't co-operate if you try to get him to do it, but at least I do know he is capable now.

The end of the school term is drawing to a close, which means I will be having to start thinking up 'keeping Beth amused' activities galore. On the plus side I'm looking forward to a couple of breaks in the next month or so, one at the end of July and one at the end of August, both of which I will hopefully be able to spend with the man... work permitting :)

Midsummer pretty much went by unnoticed over the actual Sabbat as I was just drained. The following weekend, however, I did make some pretty wards for the garden both for protection and to celebrate. Since then my third eye has been working overtime again and I've been having quite a bit of spirit activity going on in my house again, particularly over the last full moon. In fact there has been so much that I have been looking at getting a spirit board, the problem being that I cannot find the one I want that I saw online a while ago. It was a deep blue board with runes down the sides and a moon in the centre particularly designed for Arianrhod, my patron Goddess. Well honestly, you'd think I'd have imagined it as I just can't find it anywhere now... don't you just hate it when that happens!?

Anywhooo, that's enough from me for now. I had best get on with what needs to be done for the day while Ethan is being content and happy to play on his own... it doesn't happen often at the moment! BB.


  1. Ohhh could you make it yourself?

  2. I have been seriously considering asking her to guide me and coming up with my own one... seems like the only way I'm going to get what I'm looking for, that is if I manage to come across the materials I want for it... I guess it's a matter of if it's meant to be it will be :) and with the new moon approaching it'd be the ideal time to start working on such a project, hrm *ponders*