Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Pretty, Pretty, Pictures

Just a few inspiring pictures taken today in my garden. 
I'm hoping to make some new paintings based on them :)


  1. Ooooo... I love roses! These will inspire lovely paintings, I'm sure!

    I'm hoping that my roses haven't finished blooming yet! I've four of them, and the only one still with blooms is the Lover's Lane. The other three (Pumpkin Patch, Marilyn Monroe & Rio Samba) all bloomed in May & June... I think I see a few new buds though, so maybe I'll get lucky!

    Happy painting! ^-^

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous roses! Wow.

  3. Beautiful uplifting roses. Thank you for sharing, they truly are gorgeous xx

  4. It always brings a smile to my face to see roses in full bloom in my garden. I'm glad you all like them too :)

  5. whats the last one named?