Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Lammas Blessings

Here's hoping that you all had an enjoyable and blessed Lammas over the weekend. I just got back today from my few days away with the boyfriend, and very enjoyable it was too. In one way it has made me feel more impatient for us moving in together and in another it has ensured me that it will happen in it's own good time. Of coursed, I missed the kids like mad, though it is nice to have the time without them so that I could do what I wanted.

So what did I get up to? I hear you ask. Well not all that much really. After a bit of shopping in Hobbycraft on the Saturday afternoon we went to Bluewater to have a meal out and watch Inception at the Cinema. Despite my general dislike for films starring Leonardo DiCaprio, I actually really enjoyed it.

Sunday we went to Eastbourne to check out the Lammas Festival they had advertised. Well, it wasn't so much a festival as a Fayre, but we still had a good day. We were told that on the Saturday they had had a parade which probably would have been better to see but we didn't know about it and still had a nice day, complete with fish and chips and yummy ice cream :)

On Monday we went swimming in the morning and I realised how disastrously unfit I am by only managing 6 lengths of the pool. It was a 25 metre pool but still, it was a rather pathetic attempt on my part. We then went shopping in town, predominantly for a birthday present for my brother, came back empty handed and a little annoyed, though we did get some films from blockbuster to watch that night, so I guess we weren't entirely empty handed on our return.

Tuesday was an extremely lazy day for me. The man's house was empty as all were at work and I pretty much spent the whole day playing WoW, true geek style, moving from my chair only to get snacks, drinks, pee and let the dog out, lol.

Then came today and the inevitable home coming. Kisses and cuddles all round from the kids... even Ethan kept plastering me with sloppy baby kisses, which was both gross and lovely at the same time. And so now it's back to the grindstone, at least until the end of August when I happily get another few days off with my man. With any luck we'll get to go away somewhere, but really I couldn't care less as long as we get to spend the time together. Soppy I know, but I'm grabbing and savouring the time while we've got it as in a few months he'll be even busier at work and I'll see him less and less. Such is the way of the world.

So I hope you have all had a wonderful Sabbat. Many blessing to you all and a big quick thank you to Serenity Athenina at The Domestic Witch for passing on a Sunshine Award to me. It is very much appreciated.

BB  )O(


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful time, glad you are happy in your relationship, what does 'the boyfriend' do?

  2. Sounds wonderful- I had 18 days away and it refreshed me beyond belief. I'm glad you had a nice time

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely Lammas and I'm happy for you! I got some kisses too!

  4. Hi! There is a gift for you on my page.

  5. That's fantastic news Mags ;)

    @K - I am glad you found some time to rest and refresh yourself... it's amazing how much it can help your body, mind and soul.

    @Pixie - He works in the wonderful world of IT... though when I say wonderful I mean, stressful, full on pain in the ass ;)

    @awitchtrying - Thank you so much, I am honoured :)