Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Never Ending...

Gosh it has been a busy old while since my last post...non-stop in fact. After a rather lazy and unmotivated time for a few days where nothing really felt right and I had no motivation to do anything I suddenly feel like I have been thrust full pelt into a whirlwind where every area of my life seems to be taking off... a lot of it without me. I've gone from bumbling along at my own pace to racing along in an attempt to catch up!

My oracle cards have helped, they've helped me to understand what has been and indeed still is going on... it is, I can say, a good thing but it's exhausting, busy and seemingly never-ending. I finally came up with a very simple new design for a Samhain card which I'll post about later... hopefully I'll add a couple more to my portfolio if I ever manage to turn my ideas into reality. I have also been working bit by bit on my portrait of Pan and Arianrhod, though I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do with their faces. I'm hoping they're going to guide me when he time comes because I don't know what's best to do and I certainly don't want to ruin the piece by making a sham of their features... I guess we shall see as I go.

Ma'at is coming along well. I'm almost halfway through her now and will share my progress when I've hit the halfway mark. I'm really very pleased with her thus far, though I don't think she'll be ready for Christmas now so I expect she will become my man's birthday present instead. I've also been making him a new altar cloth out of a lovely mink brown faux suede.

Both the kids are well and coming on leaps and bounds. Beth is back at school and doing so well... I'm so proud of her. Ethan is still not walking but his personality is really starting to come into it's own and I introduced him to my good friend Mr Potty for the first time today. What surprised both me and my mum, who was there at the time, was that he sat on it without screaming for a good 20 minutes watching the TV and reading books... dare I say he even seemed to enjoy it...? So with any luck potty training shouldn't be as much of an issue as I was thinking it could be with him *fingers crossed*.

Mabon passed well and without issue. We didn't really do much out of the house for it. My man had to have his dog put down which was a sad time all round. Beth did an entry in her autumn scrapbook which I blogged about here on the Pagan Parenting Resource Blog where I am a contributor. Please check it out as it has a lot of wonderful ideas for introducing children to Paganism, spirituality and celebrating the seasons etc in interesting, fun ways with ideas and activities to inspire all you mums and dads.

Anyway, that's a quick update from me amidst the busy craziness of life at the moment. I still haven't managed to get round to doing all the things here that I planned to, but then some things have to go on the back burner at the moment and unfortunately my blogging activities have been one of them. I hope everyone is doing well and is having a wonderful Autumn. I do so love the energy of this season and what it brings into my life. It makes me feel truly blessed and I hope that you are all feeling the same.

Blessings x


  1. This is so weird, I know just what you mean. Almost the exact same thing has happened to me. There's so much to do I feel like my hair is falling out. It's nonstop around here and I don't know how much longer I can keep up!
    I hope things slow down for you a little!

  2. And for you too Jon... I guess it's better than being in a lull with nothing to do but phew! I need a holiday!