Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas Cards

Whoo! We had snow...and got snowed in and once again I have been ill with migraines and then a pesky cold that's been going between me and the kids, but eventually I managed to make my Christmas cards this year using a free decoupage set I procured earlier in the year. Generally, as all my family aren't pagan I send Christmas cards and make handmade gifts and decorations for Yule. The novelty of it for me is having a Pagan bloke, who always gets the brunt of my creative endeavours for the sabbats, when I am able that is, not that he complains about it...much *chuckles* This year I'm determined to finish the altar cloth I started for him before embarking on NaNo as his Yule will be posted once it's complete, of course :)

For now here's the Christmas cards. The cards themselves are white, but I was forced to take them in the evening in not so great lighting so they appear a little off and dark, but you get the idea:

They all have raised areas and some have sparkly bits...not that you can see all that well but I'm going to upload the close ups of each card to the Pumpkins and Toadstools Facebook Page so feel free to take a look.

In other news, it's Beth's nativity play this week and she has an actual role with lines to learn. Truthfully, I'm actually quite nervous for her. Me and mum will be going to see it tomorrow so I'll try to get some decent pictures to show you all as I daresay I will be one proud mummy :)

I hope the run up to Yule and Christmas is going well for you all x