Saturday, 12 February 2011


A long while ago I bought a set of Dharma Cards which are these really beautiful photographic cards based on some of the main wisdoms of Buddha. Until today I have been too imbalanced to even attempt to use them, but the call of my shrine has been strong this morning so I lit the candles and incense and picked out the one that felt right.

Given all the problems I have had of late with my mood and depressive slumps it was very fitting that the card that made itself known to me was Happiness.

This is what it says:

Let us live happily then,
free from the bondage of hate!

Let us live happily then,
free from the disease of misery!

Let us live happily then,
free from the craving of desire!

Let us live happily then,
though we call nothing our own!

We shall be like the gods,
feeding on happiness.

Above all else perhaps it is the associated message and explanation in the book that really hit home (I will just include the parts that were specifically true as the passage is long), one that I will be sharing with a few people that I know of that are going through the same thing:

Buddha encourages happiness. He encourages you to taste the freedom that arises when you are no longer a slave to the pulls of your mind. As things are now, your mind goes on swinging from one extreme to another, like a pendulum. First you love, then you hate; one minute you are happy, then the next you are sad. Become aware and follow the middle path. Don't be thrown from one extreme to another. Be watchful and choose to be a witness. Then you will find happiness. Then you will no longer be curtailed by your mind.

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