Monday, 14 March 2011

Blog Button Offer

I'm on my way round to all of the blogs I follow to pick up blog buttons for my site (those that I can access at least as I'm still having problems loading some blogger sites). One thing I have noticed is that lots of you don't have blog buttons for your lovely blogs so I have decided to offer those of you that do not something special.

If you would like a blog button made for your blog ~ and you don't already have one ~ comment here (including your email address in the comment) or send me an email to and I will make you one. This will include a scroll section below for people to get the code for your blog as well and I'll even include instructions for putting it onto your blog for those of you who don't know how!

This offer is open to the first 10 people to ask for one so hurry! (I will edit this post once I have 10 buttons lined up so if I haven't updated I still have space in the offer)

EDIT: The offer has now ended, thanks to everyone who asked for a new blog button...I hope you all like the designs.

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