Thursday, 10 March 2011

Makeovers and Moving.

A lot has been going on this year so far, some good...some bad, but one thing is certain to me right now and that is the need for change. Pumpkins and Toadstools has run it's course. As an artist I want to work under my own name now and I feel it is time for a makeover. This has become two fold.

My artist's facebook page has now changed to Michel Watson please follow me there, especially if you already were on the Pumpkins and Toadstools one. I would have kept the original page but fb wouldn't let me change it's name.

The second change is that my blog is moving to wordpress. Call me a traitor if you will *laughs* but I have been having so many issues with blogger (being unable to post, losing posts when I publish them etc) that I have finally made the switch. Please, please come visit me over there. I don't want to lose touch with all my blogging friends ~ yes that means you guys and girls ~ but it really is time for a big change for me. My new blog can be found here.

I'm going to be expanding my work, as well as painting and crafting as always I hope to finally add in a few exerpts from my writing now that I am more seriously concentrating on the novel I started for Nano last year. I would love to share it with you and hear your feedback as well as for my art work.

So, while I am not going to be around here haunting much anymore I will still be online. I wish you all the best and hope to see you around in cyberspace.

Love and Light x


  1. What a wonderful time for a new beginning. I just started following your facebook page and will do the same with Wordpress. Please stop by Pagan Culture and let me know what to do about your blog button.

    Prosperity, Fun and Luck at your new domain.

  2. Will do Mags and thank you. I'll be making up a new button for my wordpress blog to replace the old one asap. *hugs* :)